How Trump helps ISIS

How Trump helps ISIS
Credit: Gage Skidmore / Wikimedia Commons

The fruits of Donald Trump’s rhetorical excess at the expense of Muslims and immigrants was brought home, literally, to Abdullah Antepli earlier this year. It left his teenage daughter in tears — and worried about her status in the only nation she has ever called home.

Abdullah Antepli is a college professor and imam-in-residence at Duke University. A naturalized American citizen who lives in Durham, N.C., with his wife and two children, Antepli emigrated from Turkey. Not his kids. They are “natural-born” citizens of the United States, to use the phrase Trump uses like a cudgel against Ted Cruz.

The oldest, 14-year-old Zainab, roots for the Duke Blue Devils and dreams of being on the U.S. Supreme Court. Her hometown is Cleveland, Ohio, the American heartland city where Trump plans to be crowned the 2016 Republican presidential nominee in July.

It seems that Zainab Antepli was in a quarrel with a friend at school — typical teenage politics — when her friend upped the ante. “I hope Trump wins and you disappear,” she told Zainab.

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