Man chops off sister-in-law’s head; his reason?

Man chops off sister-in-law’s head; his reason?
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[Ed. – People behead for all sorts of reasons’ — Marc Lamont Hill]

In a horrifying incident, a man, who suspected his sister-in-law of practicing witchcraft and black magic on his family, chopped off her head with a sharp edged chopper (gadasa) in village Gadhia in Mainpuri district of Uttar Pradesh on Thursday.

According to preliminary investigation by the police, the suspect, Uttam, who is presently absconding, had been blaming his sister-in-law, Dhandevi, of doing ‘jadu tona’ (witchcraft) on his brother, Thakur, who died on Feb 5. He had been accusing her of tying some voodooed ‘taveej’ (locket) on a tree outside their house, which he believed had resulted in his brother’s death.

Eyewitnesses have reportedly told the police that on Thursday Uttam again found a ‘taveez’ tied to the same tree and he got into an altercation with Dhandevi, accusing her of again attempting to kill someone in his family by her witchcraft. Though Dhandevi kept denying, Uttam picked up a chopper and brutally hacked her over 15 times, dismembering her head from the neck.

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