Why the ‘stop Trump’ movement is doomed

Why the ‘stop Trump’ movement is doomed
Credit: Gage Skidmore / Wikimedia Commons

With big wins tonight, Donald Trump is marching towards the nomination. Might he show up in Cleveland at the Republican Convention, a few delegates short of a majority? Sure. Will John Kasich and Ted Cruz claim they have a claim on the nomination? You bet. But Trump’s likely to be close enough to the magic 1237 number of delegates needed for the nomination that he can’t be denied. Party leaders may fume but in the end they’re not going to be able to tell the winner of the popular vote and the most delegates to go home. It’s happened before and the lessons are unlikely but instructive.

It’s hard to think of two politicians who are more different than George McGovern and Donald Trump….

McGovern was a known quantity in 1972. He was in his second term as a Senator, having worked in the Kennedy administration. That year, lots of bigger names in the Democratic party were trying for the nomination….

But only McGovern captured the spirit of the times. He was the most antiwar of the candidates. He did well with youth and blacks….


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