‘Trump is clueless and classless, a bombastic blowhard’

‘Trump is clueless and classless, a bombastic blowhard’
Screen grab, HuffPo headline, 9 Feb 2016, NH primary.

[Ed. – Come on, George, tell us how you really feel.]

Two things should be debunked about Donald Trump: One is that he’s the new Arnold Schwarzenegger. Another is that he’s continuing what was started by another California governor, Pete Wilson.

I’ve read and listened to these comparisons in some news media recently and they’re simply stretches of baloney.

And as the Republican fisticuffs get closer to California, the false correlations should be chucked. Our primary election will be among the nation’s last on June 7 — sort of a grand finale ending a fireworks display. And for Republicans, the late California voting for once could help determine the presidential nominee.

True, Trump and Schwarzenegger both are celebrity showmen. And never underestimate the desire of voters to be entertained. Ronald Reagan was another star who got his political start by attracting the curious and capturing their attention.

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