New book details teen’s ‘humiliating’ gay conversion therapy

New book details teen’s ‘humiliating’ gay conversion therapy
Image: KUTV video screen grab

Alex Cooper’s memories of standing against a wall — wearing a backpack full of rocks — are still fresh.

“I did not know how many hours I had been standing there, quietly trying to manage the pain by shifting my weight from foot to foot,” the 21-year-old writes in her new book, “Saving Alex,” published this month.

The book details Cooper’s eight-month long experience with conversion therapy at a house in St. George. Her LDS parents sent her there in 2010 after she came out as gay.

“Your family doesn’t want you. God has no place for people like you in His plan,” she remembers the couple who lived at the house telling her as she stood at the wall.

Cooper said the couple told her multiple times she was there because she was gay, and the husband-and-wife duo was trying to change her sexuality.

It’s a practice Cooper, who was raised a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, describes as “exhausting and humiliating.” She said it needs to stop.

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