Be careful what you post on Facebook. It could lead to THIS

Be careful what you post on Facebook. It could lead to THIS
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[Ed. – At some point, I guess something like this will be challenged in court.  Until there’s a successful challenge, police departments will presumably keep doing it.]

An important lesson to be careful about what you post on Facebook and other public sites. One local man ended up getting a ticket after a video he posted on Facebook was viewed by police.

Michael Dalton…recorded a short video showing him cutting through the parking lot of the Trail Ridge Apartment Complex that sits in between his neighborhood and a shopping center.

He uploaded that video to Facebook and shared it with a Woodland Park Community Page where it got a lot of attention. …

Around a week later, he was visited by a Woodland Park police officer at his house and he recorded it. She had a ticket for reckless driving and running a stop sign.

“You’re writing me for the stop sign based on my video?” Dalton is heard asking the officer on the recording.

The officer responds, “Yep.” …

Dalton was also cited for harassment and trespassing due to a separate incident at that same apartment complex mentioned in his video.

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