Trump ad: Clinton not tough enough to face Putin, ISIS

Trump ad: Clinton not tough enough to face Putin, ISIS

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump is targeting Hillary Clinton in a new ad, portraying the Democratic presidential candidate as not tough enough to handle major foreign policy issues.

A 15-second video posted to Trump’s Instagram account shows Russian President Vladimir Putin showing off his martial arts skills and a masked militant pointing a gun at the camera.


Putin cracks up in Trump’s video before text appears back on screen, stating, “We don’t need to be a punchline!”
Trump last month had decried what he called a double standard over Clinton’s barking, calling the former secretary of State a “joke.”
The candidates are sharpening their barbs at one another on the heels of victories in several big states on Tuesday, including Florida. Their respective delegate leads make Clinton and Trump the leaders for their respective nominations.

“Our commander in chief has to be able to defend our country, not embarrass it,” Clinton said….

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