Hillary Clinton had an amazing night — and not just because of her victories

Hillary Clinton had an amazing night — and not just because of her victories

Tuesday night was an amazing night for Hillary Clinton, and not just because her wins in Florida and Ohio made Bernie Sanders’s path to the nomination nearly impossible.

Tuesday night was an amazing night for Hillary Clinton because Marco Rubio dropped out of the race and virtually ensured she will face either Donald Trump or Ted Cruz in the general election.

A couple of months ago, Rubio’s general election strength was conventional wisdom. “I sometimes want to run around the country grabbing Republican voters by the lapels and screaming, ‘You idiots! Don’t you realize Democrats are a hundred times more scared of Rubio than any of these other guys?'” wrote Matt Yglesias back in January. Rubio was seen as a smart, nimble politician who could reassure moderates, appeal to Latinos (or at least blunt their turnout), and unify the fractious Republican Party.

But his poor performance in the primaries has led to a split in opinions on Rubio. One view is that he was always a weak candidate — it was a mass delusion on behalf of the political establishment to ever pretend otherwise.

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