Steak Nazi despises Trump’s preference for ‘well done’

Steak Nazi despises Trump’s preference for ‘well done’
The Big Texan 72-oz steak, Amarillo, Texas. (Image courtesy The Big Texan)

[Ed. – Now, this is something that the “walk it by the flame but not too close” crowd is just wrong on.  Maybe it IS possible to vote for Mr. Trump.  Exit note:  if you can’t grill a steak well done without drying it out and flushing the juice and flavor from it, you’re the problem…]

Well-done steak is great if you like dry, flavorless meat. As J. Kenji López Alt explained in an excellent food lab primer on steak science, a cut of meat “cooked to 160°F (well-done) lost more than 10 times as much juice as the 120°F rare steak” and also left “a distinct layer of rendered fat floating on top of the juices.” Cooking both the juice and the fat out of your steak completely negates the purpose of selecting a nice, expensive, well-marbled piece of meat in the first place. Trump’s poor taste in this regard possibly explains the massive failure of his Trump Steaks business.

It’s also a reminder that Trump has a dangerous habit of neglecting expertise.

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