Okla. Senate bill would make performing abortion first-degree murder

Okla. Senate bill would make performing abortion first-degree murder

An Oklahoma bill making it’s way through the state senate would abolish abortion in the state of Oklahoma.

According to SB 1118 anyone who performs an abortion would be considered a criminal, guilty of first degree murder.

State Senator Joseph Silk authored the bill, which passed committee recently.

The first degree murder penalty was actually added after the bill passed out of the Health and Human Services Committee.

“Life begins at conception,” Silk said. “Those human embryos deserve every bit of protection as a one-year-old child.”

However, the bill is now stuck, held up by republican leadership at the Oklahoma State Capitol.

Silk is shocked members of his own party are standing with Planned Parenthood and against SB 1118.

Republican Senate leadership has so far refused to let SB 1118 be heard on the senate floor.

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