More email evidence: EPA’s Gold King Mine disaster not an accident

More email evidence: EPA’s Gold King Mine disaster not an accident
The Animas River, where orange is the new blue. (Image: CNN iReport)

[Ed. – Inexplicable carelessness, or something worse?]

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) intentionally opened up the abandoned mine, which unleashed 3 million gallons of toxic waste into nearby rivers that residents of Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and the Navajo Nation depend upon for drinking water. …

[Gina] McCarthy…avoided labeling the spill an “accident” in her prepared testimony before House lawmakers in September, instead calling the spill an “unfortunate incident.” EPA spokesmen have also steered clear of calling Gold King Mine an accident. …

A newly released email between Obama administration officials following the August disaster shows EPA workers intentionally breached Gold King Mine.

“There was nothing unintentional about EPA’s actions with regard to breaching the mine,” Utah Republican Rep. Rob Bishop told Department of the Interior (DOI) Secretary Sally Jewell during a hearing in early March. “They fully intended to dig out the plug and breach it.”

Bishop’s statement stems from a recently publicized email between Interior Department officials.

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