Analysis: Canada may develop into a security threat for the U.S.

Analysis: Canada may develop into a security threat for the U.S.
What might have been. (Image: Screen grab of CBC video via YouTube)

Canada’s Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is building his legacy as the Western leader who promotes Islam as compatible with Western secular societies and opens the door for massive Muslim immigration. In my opinion, this agenda of Mr. Trudeau and his government might be exploited by radicals to destabilize both the US and Canada and that Canada may develop into a security threat for the US.

One of the center pieces [sic] of Trudeau’s liberal policies is its agenda regarding refugees, immigration and citizenship. Space doesn’t allow me to enumerate but it has raised concerns for many people including the Americans. The rapid influx of so-called refugees (perhaps as many as 20,000 are pre-qualified immigrants included in the 25,000 total to make the numbers and timing look good) out of camps in Lebanon is causing some angst because of the manner in which this operation is being carried out. Cost estimates to the Canadian taxpayer are already spiraling out of control and the budget deficit is doubling and tripling as I write this. Canada is a multicultural society made up of many expatriates from troubled areas who came to Canada to escape tribalism and medieval cultures as well as threats to their personal freedom and safety.

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