Look who’s praising Bernie Sanders

Look who’s praising Bernie Sanders
El Jefe.

Who knew? Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro also has something to say about the U.S. presidential campaign.

On Wednesday, not long before former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders faced off in a heavily Latino-focused debate in Miami, the socialist president praised the Vermont lawmaker and even empathized with his humble beginnings.

“He is an emerging candidate with a renovating and revolutionary message,” Maduro told a crowd congregated in Caracas to commemorate the “Anti-Imperialism Day” — a holiday created last year to mark March 9 as the day President Obama declared Venezuela a national security threat.

“He is the son of Jew immigrants from New York and was raised in Brooklyn,” Maduro added.

As for Clinton, Maduro criticized her without mercy.

“She is part of the Clinton clan, an accomplice of all these policies against Venezuela,” he said, shaking his head: “Too arrogant, I have to say it, [she is] too arrogant.”

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