Obama’s budding, poignant bromance with Justin Trudeau

Obama’s budding, poignant bromance with Justin Trudeau
What might have been. (Image: Screen grab of CBC video via YouTube)

[Ed. – Why couldn’t America let Obama just be?  Apparently, that would have gotten us a Justin Trudeau of our very own.]

The first thing I noticed, standing on the White House lawn Thursday morning to welcome Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his wife, Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau, was the absence of bagpipes.

Where the heck are the bagpipes? Don’t Canadians always travel with bagpipes? I know I do.

The next thing in evidence: Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau. In Canada, she is allowed to have a hyphenated last name. How late 20th century! The first lady with two last names hasn’t been permitted here in Washington since, well, you-know-who tried it.

But most of all, I was overwhelmed by the feeling that Trudeau is now in the exact place where President Obama used to be. And that both of them find this very confusing. Many, many pixels will die today, skimming over the surface of Trudeau’s visit. His good looks (which are good) and the baby toss on the White House lawn(which was delicious) and the Canadian designers sported by Michelle Obama and Grégoire-Trudeau at the state dinner. And also baby Hadrien (because swoon). But all of that is beside the real point. Which isn’t so much that the two men are in love, as that Obama gets to see what might have been, had he been allowed to just be.

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