German activists duel over ‘mock vote’ organized so migrants can pretend

German activists duel over ‘mock vote’ organized so migrants can pretend
(Image via ABC News video)

[Ed. – In the U.S., of course, pro-crime activists just organize illegal aliens to vote in the real elections.]

Local youth activists in Saxony have bricked up the entrance to a migrant voting station to protest what they see as a potential pathway for migrants to to eventually vote in German elections.

Early Friday morning members of the “Kontra-Kultur Halle” (Counter Culture in the city of Halle), an autonomous group mirroring the youth Identitarian movement, filled the doorway of an office rented out for the purpose of allowing migrants to vote in a mock election before the regional elections in Saxony.

The entrance was blocked with a seven-foot tall wall of hollow bricks and the words “NO WAY” spray-painted over them. The slogan was a clear reference to the “No Way” banners used by Identitarians during border protests.

The building was designated as a polling station to enable migrants to have a mock-vote in the upcoming elections on Sunday. The group putting the mock-vote on are attempting to highlight the fact that some eight million non-citizens in Germany do not have the right to vote in local or federal elections. The group also pasted up posters explaining their philosophy and blocked another polling station with chains.

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