Couple launches movement to do WHAT to Trump supporters?

Couple launches movement to do WHAT to Trump supporters?

An Ohio married couple with two young daughters has launched a movement called “Vote Trump Get Dumped,” which calls on people to refuse to have sex with Donald’s supporters.

“I don’t want a sexist, racist, war-crime-threatening man leading my country,” wife, mother, and Vote Trump Get Dumped co-founder Chandler Smith told National Review Online on Wednesday. “If Donald objectifies women, he’s objectifying 50.8 percent of America and that’s not cool.”

“So, we’re doing something about it,” she added.

Chandler said that she and her husband, Blake, came up with the idea “72 hours ago” and called some friends to help them build a website:

“Those Who Vote Trump Should Understand This: No Sex. No Dates. No Chance,” the website states.

“Join us by wielding your influence,” it continues. “Until Trump is defeated, we don’t date, sleep with, or canoodle with Trump supporters.”

So … why the sex-withholding technique, specifically?

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