The Trump speech that could beat Clinton in November

The Trump speech that could beat Clinton in November

The real imponderable is what would happen if Trump trained his verbal guns on the former secretary of state, and her alone, and fired them like this:

“You know our country doesn’t win anymore. When was the last time — like, 1991, when we beat the Soviets, and that guy Saddam in Kuwait? We were on top of the world and everybody loved us and wanted to copy our system and it was really special. That was what, 25 years ago? These college kids who voted for Bernie weren’t even born yet.

“Ever since, it’s been lose, lose, lose. And you know when it started, people? I’ll tell you: It started in 1994, with that stupid NAFTA. That was her husband Bill’s idea. He sounded all high and mighty about markets and democracy, but he was really listening to lobbyists and taking their money, and he let Mexico rip us off.

“And then he had another genius idea: Renew most-favored-nation trade status for China — can you believe it! He promised not to do it in the 1992 campaign, but the lobbyists and Henry Kissinger got to him. He made it permanent his last year in office so China could join the World Trade Organization. He said that would help sell U.S.-made cars in China! And now he says she’d be a great president.

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