Chile: Scientists induce growth of dinosaur-like leg on chicken

Chile: Scientists induce growth of dinosaur-like leg on chicken

[Ed. – No evidence so far that the U.S. taxpayer is paying for this.  But we’ll keep you posted.]

Scientists in Chile have figured out a way to resurrect the prehistoric traits of dinosaurs.

In a ‘reverse evolution’ experiment, a researcher has manipulated the genes of modern chickens to induce the legs of a dinosaur.

These ancestors of birds once had a tube-shaped fibula that stretched down to the ankle. Through evolution, this transformed to become the short, splinter-like fibula of birds today. …

In the embryonic stage, it’s been previously noted that birds first develop a tubular fibula like that seen in dinosaurs.

As it develops, this bone becomes splinter-like and the tibia grows past it.

To understand this transformation, Brazilian researcher Joâo Botelho reversed the evolutionary process.

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