Rape victim asked by judge if she tried ‘closing her legs’

Rape victim asked by judge if she tried ‘closing her legs’

A judge who allegedly asked a rape victim whether she had tried “closing her legs” is the subject of a campaign to have her suspended.

Judge Maria del Carmen Molina Mansilla, in the Basque Country in Spain, has been accused of “offensive questioning” of a woman who was describing how she was sexually and physically abuse.

In response, the Clara Camoamor Association, a campaign group for victims of gender crime, has claimed the judge’s remarks showed a clear prejudice towards disbelieving the victim.

“She showed obvious disbelief of the testimony of the victim, questioned her without allowing her to answer, asking leading and offensive questions,”  Blance Estrella Ruiz of the Clara Campoamor Association said, according to The Local.

The unnamed woman arrived at her local police station in Vitoria to make a complaint that a man repeatedly abused her sexually and physically.

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