2 big warning signs in Hillary Clinton’s shocking Michigan loss

2 big warning signs in Hillary Clinton’s shocking Michigan loss

Hillary Clinton lost the Michigan primary on Tuesday night, and the state pried open two critical seams holding her candidacy together.

This isn’t a fatal blow, but rather than punctuating a moment of triumph for Clinton, the state shows that the fight is, at least, pretty far from over.

Clinton was supposed to win Michigan. In the Real Clear Politics polling average in the state, Clinton led by 20 points coming into Tuesday night. And then she lost. What happened?

One thing that happened is that Clinton underperformed with black voters in the state. In Mississippi, which Clinton won easily, nearly two-thirds of the vote was black and it went for Clinton 9-to-1. Preliminary exit polling in Michigan suggests that only about a quarter of the electorate in the state was black — and that Clinton’s margin was closer to 2-to-1.

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