Too good to check: Sperm shortage in Canada

Too good to check: Sperm shortage in Canada
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[Ed. – Petit Justin strikes.  Canada now faces the scourge of “imported gametes.”  Good times, LU Nation.  My work here is done for the day.]

There’s a sperm crisis in Canada! As the Huffington Post Canada reported Monday, less than 10 percent of donated sperm in Canada now originates within the country. Disappointed locavores must procure their supply from overseas, or from what theToronto Star portentously calls “poorly regulated services south of the border.” “We’ve put ourselves in a really lousy position where we are completely dependent on other countries for our imported gametes,” one aghast fertility lawyer told the Star. …

The shortage is due…to a 2004 Canadian law that bans buying sperm, which means sperm banks must rely on altruistic types willing to donate for free.

Good old-fashioned bureaucracy also seems to be a culprit in the shortage. Donors—who, again, are “working” for free—must endure multiple appointments and exams and fill out onerous amounts of paperwork to get approved for donation. Then they must submit invoices and receipts just to get reimbursed for expenses.

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