Here’s the earliest date on which Trump could lock up the nomination

Here’s the earliest date on which Trump could lock up the nomination
Image: YouTube screen grab (via News TV)

March brings college basketball madness, buds of spring and the Ides, that big day in Roman history. But will the month also yield the next Republican presidential nominee?

It’s been the case for half the non-incumbent GOP standard bearers since Ronald Reagan, and Donald Trump’s lock on things this year seemed to be getting even tighter after the month began with big state wins on Super Tuesday.

Although his campaign gained enormous momentum, he’s not a runaway yet — and precedent, it seems this season, is as reliable for gauging outcomes as the weather in March. So the winds will keep blowing.

As of Sunday, Trump was about 857 delegates short of the 1,237 needed to clinch the nomination. Even if the New York real estate mogul wins all the delegates awarded through the rest of this month — which is basically impossible — he won’t come out atop the ticket.

In fact, Trump can’t mathematically lock up the nomination until April 19, even if he wins every delegate in every state beginning Tuesday, when Michigan, Hawaii, Idaho and Mississippi will decide.

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