5 things you might not know about Nancy Reagan

5 things you might not know about Nancy Reagan
In her element. The Reagans at the Hollywood All Star Dinner for President Ronald Reagan in 1985.(Image: screen grab of YouTube video, Violet Pearl)

Former first lady Nancy Reagan, who died at her home in Los Angeles Sunday, is remembered for several causes, including the “Just Say No” anti-drug campaign and her support of stem cell research to help tackle Alzheimer’s disease.

While so many of Reagan’s accomplishments are well known, here are five things you might not know about her.

1. “I Never Was a Career Girl”

Despite her career as an actress, Reagan said in 1967: “I never was a career girl.”


2. A Marriage of Comprise and Sacrifice: “Sometimes It’s 90/10”

When Barbara Walters asked Nancy and Ronald Reagan in a joint interview what their secret was to keeping the romance in their marriage, Nancy Reagan responded, “I think it used to be that one of you thought that it had to be, everything had to be your way. Or 50/50. And it isn’t always 50/50, sometimes it’s 90/10.”

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