You think the 2016 election is nasty? This documentary series will show you nasty

You think the 2016 election is nasty? This documentary series will show you nasty
Image: "Race for the White House," CNN (via Reason)

Sick of the petty, scurrilous venality of the 2016 presidential race and its all-but-certain-to-be-catastrophic outcome? Take a trip back to 1960 with CNN’s new documentary series Race for the White House for a respite that will dash away any nostalgic nonsense in your head about how politics, once upon a time, were noble, civic exercises.

Scabrous name-calling! Empty-headed sloganeering! Religious bigotry! Vile dirty tricks! Zombie voters! If there’s a crooked or sleazy element of American politics that the race between John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon didn’t have, I can’t imagine what it would be.

Race for the White House will explore a different election each week, going back as far as the Lincoln-Douglas race of 1860. (Plus side: No Facebook memes or reality-TV stars. Minus: It ended in a war that killed three-quarters of a million people.) But CNN couldn’t have chosen more wisely for an opening episode than the Nixon-Kennedy election, which for millions of Americans too young to remember it has been mostly defined by what happened later: the martyrdom in Dallas and the odiferous [sic] cloud of Watergate.

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