Not so fast with the ‘Hillary will beat Trump’ assurances

Not so fast with the ‘Hillary will beat Trump’ assurances

The liberal media’s tune is subtly changing. Mocking articles have evolved into ones about “how could we have gotten this so wrong?” (Answer: the media are as out of touch as the politicos who share their East Coast cocoon and who spoonfeed them.)

Now the articles are about “what happens when parties can’t derail dodgy candidates”, and are turning towards “how Hillary will see off The Donald”. On Super Tuesday, a poll claimed 49 per cent of Americans had “very negative” feelings about Mr Trump; but also that 39 per cent had “very negative” feelings about Mrs Clinton. Last Wednesday a Washington official was granted immunity from prosecution in the FBI investigation into Mrs Clinton’s use of private emails when Secretary of State; even some Democrats concede there is a chance of her being indicted before election day.

Mrs Clinton is widely seen as “not honest”. She is also a dreadful speaker: her victory speech last Tuesday was a concatenation of clichés droned out with a mechanical lack of conviction, and culminating in the bizarre “let’s make America whole”. Mr Trump is a fine stand-up comedian. He has some of the actorish charm of Ronald Reagan, even if he lacks his political sense. …

The revolt here against the political class may only just have started. Not long ago none of us thought Mr Trump would get the nomination. We were probably wrong. Now, everybody – led by Republican grandees – thinks Mrs Clinton will obliterate him. We could be wrong again.

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