If GOP leaders really want to stop Trump, they’ll have to make this small sacrifice

If GOP leaders really want to stop Trump, they’ll have to make this small sacrifice
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[Ed. – Well, gol-lee! Isn’t that alternative convenient for Bouie and his fellow libs?]

Donald Trump is a moral monster. He wants to deport America’s 11 million unauthorized immigrants and build a wall on the Mexican border. He wants to kill the children of suspected terrorists and bring torture back to American intelligence gathering. He wants to ban Muslims (including citizens) from entering the United States, and he openly courts white supremacists for support.

And yet, he is leading the Republican race for president, with more votes and delegates than anyone else in the race.

For Republican elites, this fact is intolerable, which is why Mitt Romney — former Massachusetts governor, two-time presidential candidate, and one-time nominee — stepped to the plate on Thursday to oppose Trump’s march to the nomination with a speech at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City….


If Trump is more than a threat to the GOP — if he, as Romney says would lead this nation “into the abyss” — then Republicans need to say they’re willing to lose the election, and hand the Oval Office to Hillary Clinton, if it means stopping Trump. [Emphasis added]

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