Kids left alone with gun in room to see how they’ll react

Kids left alone with gun in room to see how they’ll react

If the debate over gun control is polarizing, the same can’t be said for gun safety.

Most parents on both sides of the issue hope their children know better than to “play” with real guns.

7 moms came together for an experiment to put their children to the test.

“There’s no possibility that there can be an accident, no ammunition. The gun’s not functional,” said a law enforcement officer who volunteered to oversee this experiment.

He briefed them and showed them the gun that would be used, explaining there would be hidden cameras in the room.

The moms’ responses varied when asked if they thought their child would touch the gun.

“She’s never been exposed to a real one. I’m hoping she doesn’t start now,” said one mom.

“I don’t think he’s going to pick it up. He’ll probably want to see it,” said another mom.

A third said she absolutely thought her son would pick up the gun, explaining he had grown up with them.

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