Melissa Harris-Perry: The host who cried racism

Melissa Harris-Perry: The host who cried racism
Image: YouTube screen grab (via CNNMoney)

Melissa Harris-Perry is a fool.

On Friday, Harris-Perry circulated a letter she sent to colleagues on Medium, accusing MSNBC executives of deliberately wresting editorial control of her show while asking her to appear on an “inconsequential” weekend slot to “save face.” By Sunday, Harris-Perry was out of a job. If it were anyone else I’d say she was a publicity hound, but up until yesterday, she had her own show. She had publicity. And she gave up her platform willingly.

Clearly she disagrees. Harris-Perry claims that the show was taken from her, that she was sidelined and that she would not be “… a token, mammy, or little brown bobble head.” We don’t know if she was being treated in such a degrading way as she describes. The facts of the case are not immediately clear. There are only accusations of racism. And while that may be enough to be a story for two or three days, Harris-Perry has done damage that will last for years, both for her own professional prospects and others who aspire to be like her.

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