I don’t care if we never have a woman president

I don’t care if we never have a woman president

Personally, I’d be fine with a woman president, and I think most Americans would be as well. If there’s a fantastic woman candidate in the next election, hooray!

But let’s keep it real: I also don’t care if there is ever a woman president. We could have male presidents for the rest of my lifetime, one after the other, and I wouldn’t be bothered, as long as they were good presidents. After all, as the painful process of the last few months have shown, it’s hard enough to find a decent presidential candidate at all, regardless of gender. Also, it seems kind of sexist to judge people based on their sex, but what do I know?

This blows the minds of many feminists, both old-guard and new, who are so worked up about being gender blind they’ve become completely gender obsessed. There’s Madeline Albright, who condemned women to a “special place in hell” for not supporting Hillary — Albright also appears in Vogue’s Hillary profile, helpfully noting that “women are very judgmental about one another,” which makes me suspect she might not like women at all — and Gloria Steinem, who accused female Bernie Sanders supporters of being in it for the “boys.”

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