In secret will, Bin Laden wanted his fortune to keep funding war on West

In secret will, Bin Laden wanted his fortune to keep funding war on West

Osama bin Laden left a will indicating that he had about $29 million in Sudan, with detailed instructions to “spend all the money I have left” continuing the global terror campaign he had led, according to newly released documents recovered by the United States from the compound in Pakistan where the al-Qaeda chief was killed in 2011.

The handwritten will and 112 other documents were released Tuesday by the office of the Director of National Intelligence — a collection that also includes letters to subordinates in al-Qaeda, messages from followers willing to carry out suicide attacks, and screeds on issues including bin Laden’s conviction that the United States and Iran were poised for war.

The files reinforce the sense that bin Laden was both increasingly anxious about security amid an escalating campaign of CIA drone strikes as the decade-long hunt for the al-Qaeda leader wore on. He also appeared increasingly disconnected from how much his organization had been degraded, calling on deputies to mount operations and fill positions even as they pleaded that they lacked capable recruits.

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