Families victimized by illegals urge voters to reject pro-amnesty candidates

Families victimized by illegals urge voters to reject pro-amnesty candidates
Francisco Sanchez, illegal, serial felon, five-time deporte arrested for the murder of Kathryn Steinle in San Francisco.

The families of 30 Americans raped, tortured and murdered by alleged illegal immigrants are urging Republican voters ahead of Super Tuesday to reject Sen. Marco Rubio or any presidential candidate who isn’t strong on protecting the country from undocumented criminals.

“We do not want other families to die at the hands of illegal aliens. We want to end the massacre of innocents in exchange for enriching open border self-interest cartels. We are pleading with the Republican voter: Reject Rubio,” said the 30 in an open letter to Republicans from The Remembrance Project, formed in 2009 to honor those killed by illegals. …

The letter, provided to Secrets, highlights Rubio’s participation in the ill-fated Gang of Eight comprehensive immigration bill and his work on a related issue while he was speaker of the Florida House.

It suggested that the legislation would have provided amnesty, even to illegal immigrants charged with crimes, and it said the senator didn’t do enough to block sanctuary cities in Florida or reach out to victims during immigration reform talks.

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