Critics outraged at what Texas schools will use to determine student athletes’ gender

Critics outraged at what Texas schools will use to determine student athletes’ gender
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[Ed. – The bald-faced chutzpah.]

Public school district superintendents across Texas resoundingly approved an amendment that requires district officials use a student-athlete’s birth certificate to determine gender identification. The decision came much to the dismay of the founder of the group who sharply criticized the state’s decision.

The University Interscholastic League’s (UIL) referendum ballot put out to Texas school district superintendents in January resulted in a 586-32 vote in favor of the amendment, according to the Dallas Morning News. This rule goes into effect on August 1. …

Chris Mosier, founder of the transgender advocacy group, blogged in disagreement with how Texas superintendents recently voted, writing: “Texas is denying transgender youth the opportunity to connect with others, enjoy competitiveness and the benefits of physical activity, and have a high school experience similar to their peers.” …

Previously, critics called the measure a “horrible” policy” because they say it will force transgender student-athletes to amend their birth certificates to be able to participate in competitive public school sports, which the Morning News called a laborious and potentially costly process.

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