Why I’m staying in the GOP race

Why I’m staying in the GOP race
(Image: Fox News video screen grab)

Hundreds of thousands of supporters drafted me to run, and hundreds of thousands more continue to push me onward. They do not belong to my campaign. On the contrary, my campaign is beholden to them. However, the gears that turn the political machine no longer recognize “We the People.” Instead they see a mass of voters to be prodded, lured or strong-armed into their camp.

Sadly, this juxtaposition of power isn’t just a product of election season, it’s the very nature of what our government has become, and what I intend to change. Career politicians are serving their special interests over the people who elected them, returning home often only to beg for money or votes.

I trust that the American people will soon wake-up and realize that leadership is not about how one speaks, but rather the life one leads.

My candidacy is about restoring the principles of self-government by running as a true citizen-statesman who is accountable to all and beholden to none.

A ballot cast for me is a vote for uniquely qualified and principled leadership; an innovative problem solver with sound judgment and solid plans for solving the myriad problems faced by American families and society; and a role model for future generations for whom the American dream needs to be restored.

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