6 reasons why Trump is still better than Clinton

6 reasons why Trump is still better than Clinton

I spent Friday’s radio show explaining to incredulous guests that of course I’d support Donald Trump if he is the GOP nominee.

“But after he just insulted you and your radio show in front of 15 million people?” came the question.


Trump can insult me three times thirty times in front of 30 million people — 30 million is a reach, but I’ll be back on stage for the final CNN-Salem Media Group debate in Miami on March 10, so who knows? Bottom line: Insults of journalists don’t matter. Short of insulting my family, it simply doesn’t matter what Donald says to me or any reporters and pundits.

What matters is what he would do vis-a-vis Hillary Clinton in a November showdown. To get to that answer, journalists have to be willing to take some flack while asking pointed questions, from all sides, even when the journalist is an avowed conservative of long standing.

Would that some MSMer allowed within 15 feet of Clinton would ask her about hostile foreign intelligence services hacking her “home brew” server.

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