Trump: The first 100 days

Trump: The first 100 days

[Ed. – The sorts of questions that keep liberals up at night.]

[Donald] Trump is likely to win the Republican nomination and, as he challenges Hillary Clinton, he may be only an FBI investigation away from winning the White House.

So the question few in Washington ever thought they’d contemplate is suddenly urgent: What would he do then? What would his first 100 days look like?


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Q: Will the Trumps really live in the White House?

Best-case scenario: Yes, with modest updates and only the occasional sprinkling of Trump gold.

Worst-case scenario: Yes, but with no shortage of complaints or serious modifications. For one, the Trump Organization tries to totally overhaul the interior, (“We need at least two more jacuzzi tubs”). Portraits of Carter (“total loser”) and George W. Bush (“lied us into war”) are taken down in favor of the Trump children. Interior renovations are so extensive that there’s talk of adding on a new wing, leading to scathing criticism from those seeking to preserve the White House’s history. “Look, I’m told this place didn’t even have indoor plumbing for the first 50 years,” the new president says in his first press conference. “I mean these guys weren’t geniuses, OK?”

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