Oops. After backlash, Lands End says ‘sorry’ to customers for Steinem catalogue feature

Oops. After backlash, Lands End says ‘sorry’ to customers for Steinem catalogue feature
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[Ed. – When the Catholic schools start withdrawing their uniform business, you know the official apology is only hours away.]

The recent collaboration between family clothing retailer Lands’ End and pro-abortion celebrity Gloria Steinem is producing the result one might expect, forcing the company to end its relationship days after customers received their catalogs.

Lands’ End featured an interview with Steinem, an outspoken abortion activist, conducted by Lands’ End CEO Frederica Marchionni in the company’s spring catalog and on its website as part of a “Legend Series” – an “ode to individuals who have made a difference in both their respective industries and the world at large.” …

The article, which also promised donations from Lands’ End to Steinem’s pro-abortion Fund For Women’s Equality, sparked immediate backlash from both pro-life advocates and customers alike.

“Those of us who love family, love children, are completely puzzled why you would promote a very vocal pro abortion celebrity,” one customer posted to the company’s Facebook page, according to the Los Angeles Times. “Are you anti-child? You want to kill off possible future customers?”

The controversy also convinced Tolton Catholic High School in Columbia, Missouri to sever its five year relationship with Lands’ End as the school’s student uniform provider, ABC 17 reports.

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