Fox News brand taking YUUGE hit with Republicans

Fox News brand taking YUUGE hit with Republicans

[Ed. – Nolte nails the reason about a third of the way into his article.  Emphasis added.]

My job is to monitor the mainstream media, which is something that eats up about 14 hours of a day that begins at 6 a.m. when the cable morning shows begin. Lying next to me, my good sport of a wife suffers through about an hour of “Morning Joe,” whatever they call that left-wing garbage fire on CNN, and the rest. Out of habit, before I head to my desk, without really asking I always ask, “You want me to put it on Fox?” [Mrs. Nolte reportedly said no. – Ed.]

Fox News has a problem, and not just with my wife. According to a YouGov Brand Index survey, the perception of Fox News among Republicans has hit a three-year low, “has declined by approximately 50% since January of this year.” …

This might be a good time to tell you that my wife is not a Trump supporter. Her frustrations and disappointment in Fox News have nothing to do with her personal political preference. Like many, it is something much larger than that.

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1) Bias

Whether or not you support Trump, FNC’s pro-Rubio/GOP Establishment bias is still as hard to swallow as the mainstream media’s left-wing bias. Bias is bias. It’s manipulative and dishonest, and no one likes to be manipulated or lied to. …

When  I asked my wife why she is “done” with Fox News, her answer was simply, “They’re just like all the rest.”

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