Oops: Poll finds supporters of Sanders, Clinton to have more racist attitudes than Rubio supporters

Oops: Poll finds supporters of Sanders, Clinton to have more racist attitudes than Rubio supporters

[Ed. – As Mastio suggests, this seems like a nutty poll, not to be taken seriously.  But a number of high-profile outlets published the findings on Republicans as if they were credible.]

Bernie Sanders supporters are 50% more likely than Hillary Clinton supporters to disapprove of Abraham Lincoln’s war-time decision to free the slaves according to a YouGov/Economist poll cited by The New York Times’ TheUpshot blog and analyzed by a UCLA political science professor Lynn Vavreck. That may be one reason Clinton is expected to trounce Sanders in the South Carolina Democratic primary on Saturday or it might not have anything to do with it.

According to the poll, backers of Clinton and Sanders, white Democrats, are more likely to disapprove of the Civil-War executive order than supporters of Hispanic Republican Marco Rubio. One in 10 Sanders supporters disapproves of Lincoln’s executive order. Rubio supporters are less likely to disapprove of or have doubts about the landmark civil rights decision than African-Americans themselves.

The same poll finds that Clinton supporters are about 40% more likely than Sanders backers to be fans of Democratic President Franklin Roosevelt’s decision to round up Japanese-Americans and throw them into “internment camps.” Supporters of the two Democrats are both more likely to support the racist policy than Rubio’s backers by a margin of 2 to 1. …

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Originally, Vavreck, the Times and YouGov only reported on the racially insensitive views of Republicans, failing to publish or even analyze the responses of potential Democratic voters. Vavreck only performed the Democratic analysis and released it to me on Friday after YouGov refused to release the data on Thursday and I contacted YouGov’s European executives, its in-house polling expert and Vavreck herself.

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