St. Louis archbishop: Parishes must review Girl Scout links, consider alternatives

St. Louis archbishop: Parishes must review Girl Scout links, consider alternatives
(Image: San Gorgonio Council of Girls Scoute, "100 Years of Scouting," via Riverside CA Metropolitan Museum)

[Ed. – It’s come to this.]

Noting that Girl Scouts USA (GSUSA) and its parent organization, the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS), promotes contraception, “abortion rights,” homosexuality, and other issues “incompatible” with Catholic values, the Archbishop of St. Louis, Mo., has ordered all the parishes in his archdiocese to review their Girl Scouts programs and “strongly consider” offering “alternative options for the formation of our girls.”

“Our primary obligation is to help our girls grow as women of God,” said Archbishop Robert J. Carlson in his Feb. 18 letter to priests, Scout leaders, and all Catholics in the archdiocese. …

In a related document, Scouting and the Catholic Church, on the archdiocese’s website, it notes that the GSUSA rejected a donation of $100,000 because the gift stipulated that the money “wouldn’t support transgender girls.”

In addition, “troops in Utah have recently been formed exclusively to reach out to transgendered youth,” said the archdiocese. Also, “internal policies in Girl Scouts has even suggested that some parents and troop leaders should not be informed if there is a transgender child in their troop.”

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