Farewell – but not entirely

Farewell – but not entirely
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[Ed. – All the best to a wonderful colleague, with everything to hope for after some dark times.]

On the work front, I felt the need for a change of pace. Starting March 1, I’m excited to announce I’ll be writing at The Federalist. I’ll be doing a mix of cultural and political writing, a little more long-form fare, and some Federalist podcast hosting duties. So, if you’re interested in my take on the GOP primary, “The Bachelor,” and the intersection thereof, that’s where to find it. (No really, Leah Event Planner is to Lauren B. As Christie is to Rubio in N.H.)

I won’t be leaving the wonderful Salem/Townhall/HotAir team entirely. I cannot thank y’all enough—both my colleagues and our readers—for granting me the prayers, good thoughts, support and flexibility I needed to get us through the last several months. I’m sure many of you gave to the education fund for my children, and I thank you sincerely. It was an incredible comfort to us in a time of great uncertainty, and will be used with great care for their futures. It is no small blessing that I worked with the most productive blogging team in the history of blogging when this happened. Allah, Ed, and Jazz are the kindest and most caring writing machines I know.

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