Trump holds leads in 10 of next 14 primary states

Trump holds leads in 10 of next 14 primary states

After winning the South Carolina primary by a hefty margin, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is primed to secure 10 out of the next 14 state contests.

Trump is currently polling ahead in Alabama, Alaska, Georgia, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nevada, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Virginia, according to the New York Post.

The business mogul has a whopping 35-point advantage in Massachusetts while his narrowest support is by 6 points in Minnesota.

The states that Trump is currently not set to win are Arkansas, Colorado, Kentucky and Texas, the last of which is projected to go to Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, who has a home-state advantage.

While polls can always shift during the primary season, this current measurement of support puts Trump on a comfortable path to victory. While GOP insiders have voiced fears that this primary season will lead to a brokered convention, the business mogul himself is confident about his chances.

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