Going retro: Let’s replace digital records with paper

Going retro: Let’s replace digital records with paper
Image: officemuseum.com

The major hacking incident and data breach at the Office of Personnel Management last year was far from the only instance of our digital treasures being plundered lately. The IRS admitted just last week that identity thieves had hacked into their systems as well… again. The military, Homeland Security, ICE… I could list all the hacking incidents here but this column would quickly run to the length of War and Peace. No matter how many times the problem is brought up and how many resources we dump into fixing the system, the hackers always seem to be one step head of us. So what are we supposed to do?

Glenn Reynolds has come up with a plan. He identifies a number of high profile incidents as well, not just affecting the federal government in Washington, but places like Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center in Los Angeles. They had all of their records locked up by hackers who demanded (and received in Bitcoin) a ransom before they were allowed to access them again. Something needs to be done and Glenn believes we need to go old school on the thieves.

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