Donald Trump and the five stages of Republican grief

Donald Trump and the five stages of Republican grief

While I still oppose a Trump nomination with all of my might (and would happily support either Rubio or Cruz), after his ‘yuuuge” win in Nevada my mind keeps wandering to the question of what will I do if Trump is the nominee.  I could never bring myself to vote for Hillary or Bernie even if Mr. Trump gave me one or two of his billions.

If Trump does get the nomination, conservatives that eel [sic] like me are really left with two choices, vote for the billionaire birther, or when I go into the voting booth on election day skip the presidential line and vote in all the other electoral contests.  On one hand, if I skip the presidential line isn’t it just like voting for the Democrat? On the other hand, how could I vote for the man who has the potential to be the most thin-skinned and divisive president since … well Barack Obama.

When bringing up his recent conversion to conservatism Donald Trump keeps bringing up the late president Ronald Reagan.  But to paraphrase the late Senator and VP candidate Lloyd Bentsen,” Mr. Trump, I voted for Ronald Reagan, I knew Ronald Reagan. Even though we never met, I always felt Ronald Reagan was a friend of mine. Mr. Trump you are no Ronald Reagan.”

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