Woman killed boyfriend for spending too much time on Facebook

Woman killed boyfriend for spending too much time on Facebook

A British hairdresser was sentenced to life in prison last week after she plunged a knife into her boyfriend’s heart — because she felt he spent too much time on Facebook.

Terri-Marie Palmer, 23, broke down in tears as she was convicted of 24-year-old Damon Searson’s murder following a one-week trial, where the details emerged about the fatal end of their rocky relationship, according to multiple reports.

Moments before the killing, Palmer posted: “He p***** me off sitting on Facebook, completely blanking me when I’m talking to him,” according to The Mirror Online.

She regularly posted on the social media site about how Searson would ignore her while scrolling through Facebook messages on his phone, adding random girls and posting shirtless photos of himself.

“Gross,” she wrote on one of his topless pics.

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