Freaky mystery noise haunts Oregon town

Freaky mystery noise haunts Oregon town
It shrieks. (Image: Twitter, @chrisliedle via OregonLive)

[Ed. – We’ve been having our mystery booms, but this is something different.  Maybe it’s gases being let off, as some experts reportedly speculate; it sounds like a giant hydraulic braking system to me.  But what it could be associated with is another story.  Wild and crazy.]

The shrill, nocturnal noise, which started keeping people awake in the otherwise quiet Washington County town a few weeks ago, is now making national headlines.

On Sunday, The Washington Post reported on what Dave Nemeyer, fire marshal of Forest Grove Fire and Rescue, called “definitely a horrendous noise.” ABC News has also reported on the mystery.

Apparently, the mystery sound, which only comes at night and sounds like a mechanical scream, is also driving pets crazy. …

And the sound keeps revisiting the community, which reportedly lasts anywhere from 10 seconds to several minutes. …

Fire, police and public works officials told KATU that they’re baffled. But the fire department, which has conducted an investigation, said they don’t believe it poses a safety risk.

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