Tech billionaire closes access to ‘beloved’ beach – like he’s an enviro-regulator or something

Tech billionaire closes access to ‘beloved’ beach – like he’s an enviro-regulator or something
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[Ed. – OK, I added the “enviro-regulator” part.  Raw Story writes about this as if the federal government doesn’t do this stuff all the time in the name of environmental protection.  Khosla is an Obama crony, and comes with all the usual problems that attend such connections.  But his shutting off access to a slice of beach is no worse than the Sierra Club getting Barack Obama or the BLM to shut off access to people’s beloved scenic by-ways, hunting grounds, and outdoor recreation areas in New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming, etc.  It’s exactly as much of a high-handed special-interest move, either way.]

According to the San Jose Mercury News, Vinod Khosla bought the entire 89-acre beachfront property that overlooks popular Martins Beach, located near famous Half Moon Bay, for $32.5 million in 2008.

The entrepreneur, who was one of the co-founders of Sun Microsystems, shut down the road two years after purchasing the property citing liability issues and maintenance costs.

On Feb. 3, Khosla’s attorneys submitted a letter to the State Lands Commission setting a price at $30 million for opening the road — or offering to sell the entire property for a fair market price.

Last December, Khosla offered to trade the property to the state for a comparable property which would include a private beach.

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