Planned Parenthood praises women who support black genocide

Planned Parenthood praises women who support black genocide
Margaret Sanger speaks to KKK women

[Ed. – Bethany Blankley’s point about the racist eugenics espoused by Margaret Sanger is a good one.  But it’s also essential to note the following: the main difference between 1932 and today is that abortion advocates have now arranged to feel the same way about everyone’s fertility that they felt, 80 years ago, about black people’s fertility.  Not what I would consider an improvement: equal-opportunity disdain.]

Planned Parenthood’s Maggie Awards praised 16 women who emulate one of the most influential eugenicists in America, Margaret Sanger. Margaret Sanger saw Blacks and immigrants as weeds who should be sterilized. …

In a June 1932 edition of her Birth Control Review, an editorial, “The Negro Number,” said of Blacks:

“Shall they go in for quantity or quality in children? Shall they bring children into the world to enrich the undertakers, the physicians and furnish work for social workers and jailers, or shall they produce children who are going to be an asset to the group and American society?” Most [blacks], especially women, would choose quality … if they only knew how.”

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