Ethno-baiters: Cruz, Rubio too Cuban; not Mexican enough to resonate with most Hispanic voters

Ethno-baiters: Cruz, Rubio too Cuban; not Mexican enough to resonate with most Hispanic voters

[Ed. – Look, I’m pro-immigration — pro-LEGAL immigration.  And unlike some folks, I’ve been well aware all my life that “Hispanics” aren’t ethnically monolithic, in any way.  But averting BS like this in the political arena is frankly a good enough reason to shut down all immigration from south of the border.  America has enough problems; why should we import ethnic divisiveness  that affects political outcomes?  And why, for crying out loud, would we want to have any candidates for public office who appeal to voters based on “Mexican-ness”?  If you want Mexican candidates, move to Mexico.]

Of course, there is also this new strain of outright Mexican supremacism that demands an actual connection with Mexico, whether by blood or familial relations. Recall the words of Marín, herself a Bush surrogate, as she made her grotesque pitch:

ROSARIO MARIN, FORMER TREASURER OF THE UNITED STATES: What an interesting question, because I’d say that there are three Hispanic candidates, and the other one is Jeb Bush. I believe that Jeb Bush holds a very special place in his heart for the entire Latino community. He doesn’t just speak Spanish, but he understands. And since he is married to a Mexican, his children are also Mexican-Americans. And so, I can tell you…Ted Cruz has been truly, he’s very discouraging. I am hurt by the positions he has taken. Marco Rubio is a politician with tremendous aspirations. I love him, I respect him. His shifting positions on immigration leave much to be desired. The one who has not changed is Jeb Bush. And frankly, I believe, in my heart, that he is more Latino than any of the others out there. And that is why I am supporting him.

Krause’s Mexican supremacism, unlike Marín’s crude othering, is florid, elegant, and beautifully constructed, couched in the reasonable presentation of polling data and demographic concern trolling [emphasis added by NewsBusters]:

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Rubio and Cruz’s experience as Latino immigrants will surely be of some help with the Hispanic vote. But the Hispanic community is far from monolithic, and the senators’ experience as Cuban-Americans, at least according to a deep-analysis poll’s results in their home states, seems to resonate more clearly with Hispanics of Cuban and Puerto Rican descent than with, say, Mexican-Americans, who will represent more than half of the Hispanic vote in the general election.

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