Convenient new claim: Pollution making us fat

Convenient new claim: Pollution making us fat

[Ed. – Funny how that works:  terrible automobiles and coal-fired plants are making us fat.  It’s only a matter of time until “science” finds that being conservative, libertarian, Christian, observant Jewish — anything that ‘s non-compliant with the collective is making us fat.  And no doubt causes cancer to boot.  Sorry, but given the whole “climate change” travesty, and the desire of many “researchers” to put the imprimatur of science on political biases like gun restrictions, it’s necessary to exercise such skepticism.]

Breathing polluted air may be doing more than simply harming your lungs, it could also be making you overweight.

Rats that were left to breathe the smog which envelops Beijing for three weeks gained more weight than those who were given clean air, even though they were fed the same diet.

The findings suggest pollution in the air could be altering the body’s metabolism so that it stores fat in a different way. …

Most research on obesity has focused on the role that diet and a lack of exercise can have on the body, but this new study suggests other aspects in the environment may also play a role.

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