Why I embraced my trans child’s trolls

Why I embraced my trans child’s trolls
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“These two are unfit to be parents and this is child abuse! Someone needs to get CPS involved so these kids can be taken away!”

Ouch. It’s not the sort of thing you hope to see written about your family. It’s worse when it comes after going public with a decision you’ve made for your child, one reached with their happiness and best interests in mind. But such is the way of social media.

When I was a kid, anyone with the desire to express a blunt opinion had to do it face-to-face on a playground, or, in the more passive mode, through a note slipped inside of a locker. The ability to criticize or demean someone anonymously was limited. Usually — fortunately — this made us all think carefully about our words and approach. In traditional human interactions, the other party could react to us with a fervor equal to our own.

Today, our public space allows people to hide behind computer screens and write the most vile and despicable comments without fear of retaliation or confrontation. I suppose it’s taking the good of the Internet with the bad, but when you become the subject for those harsh words, it can leave you feeling vulnerable and broken down. Trust me, I’ve lived some of the worst of it.

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